I’ll go into town to buy something against my cold, shoes or something…

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Sooooo… I’ve been wanting to post this blog earlier, but since I have been sick for a few days it wasn’t until now, that I found the courage to start writing. Here it goes…

For every Fashionista New Year’s Eve is another great opportunity to show of a new amazing outfit. It wasn’t any different for me… I had the perfect outfit in mind and had even planned which accessories I would wear with it. But then I started feeling sick and when I feel sick, I always feel the urge to spend money. I have no idea why, but something in my twisted mind always tells me I will feel much better when I spend money. Does anyone else have this “problem”?

So on Friday my boss let us leave early because it was the day before NY and instead of going straight to bed, I decided it was an AWESOME idea to go to Eindhoven (in the Netherlands) instead. From where I live Eindhoven is only a 50min drive and it is one of my favourite shopping city’s. My boyfriend had a day of so I picked him up and off we went.

Arrived in Eindhoven my first stop, DU-UH, was Primark (we do not have Primark in Antwerp, yet). After being slightly disappointed in their collection (I didn’t even buy a purse or accessories 😮 ) I was on a mission to find the perfect Party Dress.  After 3 hours of wandering around Eindhoven, the only thing I bought was a new MAC retro matte liquid lipcolour that was named “high drama” (later more about this lipstick). My boyfriend on the other hand had already bought 2 pairs of jeans and a shirt. I started feeling sicker and sicker so I decided it was time to go home… I did not only feel worse physically, but after the disappointment of not being able to find the perfect dress I was feeling bad mentally too.


But then it happened… On our way to the car we spotted a little boutique called “Tauphe” and my boyfriend saw a cute sweater in their window and told me to go inside. I was persistent about not checking out that shop because I had passed it a billion times already and I was quite sure about the fact that it was a store that sold the “trailerparktrash” kind of stuff. Apparently my boyfriend is even more stubborn than me and he forced me to go and have a look inside…

I don’t like doing this… especially not with a paper trail attached to it… but here it goes: MY BOYFRIEND WAS RIGHT! It does not happen that often, but when it happens he just comes in and saves the day.

After 2 minutes in the shop, I already spotted the perfect dress and even a purse to go with it. Both are from the Dutch brand “malifisent” and I fell in love instantly. As you can see in the picture the dress is a faux leather dress with subtle studs around the waist. What I love most about this dress is that it can be worn as a party dress with heels, but you can also wear boots or sneakers underneath it to make it more casual. That’s a WIN-WIN!  The purse immediately caught my eye… I am pretty sure it was winking especially for me and it lifted the outfit to a higher level. 15 minutes and a handful of money later we left the shop. I was still feeling like a sick but mentally I was in heaven… I had found what I had been looking for. No greater feeling in the world, right?


As you can see in the picture I combined the dress with high heel boots from h&m and I had planned on combining it with the MAC lipstick I bought. But while applying it I sneezed a few times and it took me about 30 seconds to figure out that I was going to look more like a scary clown than a girl with killer lips, so I decided not to go that road. Sneezing and coughing apparently aren’t the ideal circumstances to wear lipstick.

Being sick put aside,  I had an amazing New Year’s eve (alcohol kills germs, right?!) and the day after I did not only have a cold anymore but also a huge hangover, that lasted for 2 days. Growing older means your hangovers get worse too, apparently. Today I finally went to the doctor and since I feel a bit better now, high on meds probably,  I figured it was time to finish this post. It is a bit longer than I expected it to be, but hey I like to be thorough :-).

I hope you all had a great NYE and I am curious on what you guys think about my outfit, so holla at me when you can!

XoXo Kylie

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