If I have learned one thing from these first few weeks as a (wannabe) blogger then it is most certainly that nothing is as easy as it seems and blogging is more than just posting a picture and writing a few sentences every once in a while. This post started with me having the idea to do something with the plissé skirt trend. I wanted to show 3 totally different ways to rock the plissé skirt!

Having those 3 looks in mind I started looking for a location to shoot. During my search, I was reminded about the fact that my boyfriend had been nagging to go and visit the ghost town “Doel” for a while and after consulting my good friend google I was convinced Doel was the ideal location for a shoot. So Saturday I put my outfits, some make up and my camera in a bag and off we went to Doel. My boyfriend was all excited about finally visiting this ghost town and had already googled the towns history so he could be my tour guide. Me on the other hand I was totally not interested in any history facts what so ever, I just wanted to have my photographs!

Arriving in Doel was a reality check to me, my goal to just take some cute pictures, have a happy day and write a blog post about plissé skirts was adapted as soon as we drove through the gates and dangerously neglected houses began to appear.

Almost all of the houses in Doel are boarded up, as if there are still people inside trying to keep out the apocalypse. The whole town is covered in graffiti, It is a living art gallery the size of an entire village and street artists have come from all over the world to debut their works on the sides of these houses. As you can see in the pictures below, there are a few graffiti masterpieces to be found there. And somewhere in between all of this chaos and destruction there are still 22 people living there, who refuse to give up their home and who keep fighting a political battle for survival.

To my own surprise I really got genuinely interested in this town and its history. I was so interested that for a moment I even forgot why I was actually there… to shoot my outfits…  After wandering around for about an hour and a half, looking for the best spots to make the shots it was my boyfriend that asked me to take a picture of him in front of an awesome “Alice in wonderland” like bunny drawing.


After his 5 minutes of fame he decided it was my turn to start posing and I started to get cold feet. This was going to be the very first time I was going to “model”. Being well aware of the fact that I am nowhere near a model,  I really felt like Bambi who was walking on ice for the very first time. I was feeling very uncomfortable and I had no clue to what I was doing. You should all know that my self-confidence is not all that much and this was a huge step for me. After being in doubt whether to cut my head off the pictures or not (it’s all about the outfit, right?) I decided I was just going to post the full pics and take one more big step towards being more self-confident… so here it goes…

Punk Rock Plissé

Skirt -> Café Au Lait

Sweater -> O’ren

Faux Leather Jacket –> Even&Odd – Zalando

Boots -> Primark

Lipstick  -> MAC Cosmetics – Retro matte liquid lipcolour “high drama”

Plissé the Nerdy way

Skirt –> Coton Store

Sweater –> Primark

Jeans shirt – Only – Zalando

Sneakers –> Nike AIR FORCE 1 ’07  light taupe –  Zalando

Lipstick -> MAC Cosmetics  – Matte Lipstick “Pink Plaid”

Fluffy Plissé all day

Skirt -> Coton Store

Sweater -> 9Lemons trut official – ZEB

Faux Fur Jacket -> Vero Moda

Shoes -> H&M

I am really curious about what you guys think of the outfits and which one is your favourite  so don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Talk to you soon…

XoXo Kylie

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