First of all I think it is important you all know that I am a chameleon when it comes to my hair. I get bored easily and I love changing hairstyle and colour every once in a while. That said I have to admit that my hair has suffered a lot the past few months. I went from dark brown to white blonde and my hair was not thankful for that. In an attempt to give my hair a boost I bought myself the TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner duo. The reason I chose for this duo is because it was especially for highlighted, over-processed and/or bleached blonde hair. The catchy “Dumb Blonde” name and pink/purple bottles made me decide to order immediately, without reading any reviews!


What a mistake! This shampoo and conditioner have proved to be a waste of money. The first time I used them my hair felt even more dry than it was before. Unfortunately for my hair I was kind of naïve and I told myself it would get better if I used it more often. So 3 weeks went by and the quality of my hair was getting worse each day. My hair felt really dry and I looked like I was growing a hay stack on my head. Even though I had paid a fair amount of money for this duo I decided it was about time to realise I was the dumb blonde still using those products and it was time to look for something new.

Since I did adore the fruity bubble gum smell of this shampoo I decided to give the Bed Head products another try. This time I did my research and I came across the TIGI Bed Head Resurrection Tween Duo, also known as “Rehab for hair”.


MY GOD! This duo really proved to be LIFE SAVERS! After using it only once, my hair was already 50% less dry. Since my hair was in such a bad shape I did leave the conditioner in for the night and rinsed it out in the morning. But I had never expected these results. My hair was alive again! I am so glad I came to my senses and kicked out the Dumb Blonde Crappy Duo.

I have been using the Bed Head Resurrection Tween for 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be any happier. My hair is growing stronger every day, feels a lot more hydrated and looks like normal healthy hair.

These products are my new favourites when it comes to taking care of my hair… I definitely recommend this duo!

I am very curious about which products are your favourites and why… so definitely leave a comment!

XoXo Kylie

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