Shopping on a budget (or not)

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To be quite honest budgets have never really been my thing… It is always like there are too much days left at the end of my salary… But when it comes to doing some great deals in sales I’m your girl 🤘🏻!

First of all I would love to share my sneaker secret with you guys… not the fact that I’m addicted to them, that one is already out in the open! But the one where I always look for my sneakers at the kids department.

Adidas for example has quite big “kids sizes” when it comes to their sneakers. I myself have a 38 1/2 in adidas sneakers and luckily for me the adidas kids division goes up to size 40 😱! The shoes themselves are exactly the same as the adult version ( talking about Stan smith and the originals now), the only thing that is slightly different is the PRICE… Yay! You can save up to 50% of the original price by shopping in the kids division! Who wants to be an adult right?


Another great way to save money and still buy the more expensive brands is to follow their social media channels because some of them have stock sales every once in a while. And it is at those sales you can really do amazing deals. Me for example I went to a stock sale of the Belgian brand O’ren in Antwerp a few weeks ago. They have really cool bling bling sweaters with 100% Belgian quotes and as a proud Belgian I just had to have the one with “Belgique Belchique” written on it. In store those sweaters cost around € 120, at the stock sale I was able to buy one for € 35 … awesome right? In total I have spent €100 on 3 sweaters that would have cost me € 350 if I had bought them in store.


Just make sure to be on time and first in line! If the sale starts at 10 be there at 9:30 at the latest! You really don’t want to be the girl that gets in when all the awesome stuff is already gone! If you are late (like I was) be patient… look for the people who have grabbed all the cool stuff in 3 different sizes and are somewhere in a corner trying everything on… look for big piles of clothes and crazy ladies snapping at everyone who touches their pile of clothes… make friends with them… help them… and politely ask them if they can give the stuff they are not buying to you so you can try them… that worked out fine for me…

Following the brands and stores you like on social media? Great! Keep an eye (or two) on their channels during the sales period too… Especially by the end… Every store and brand wants to sell as much as they can during sales… they need the space for their new collection. And at the end of the sales period a lot of items are up to 70% off… Webshops like Zalando even give 15% extra discount on your whole order in the last few days of sales!

Since this weekend was the last weekend of sales in Belgium I finally took the time to go shopping. And I will be honest with you guys, YES I did have some disappointments while shopping because some really cool very cheap stuff was not available in my size anymore (the downside of shopping at the end of the sales period 😒). But I also scored some amazing deals as you can see in the pictures below…


 I myself am totally in love with the fluffy sweaters from Pola Paradis⚡️ but they are quite pricey! Today I scored one of those sweaters on sale at Two Store in Geel for only € 52,20 (normal price: € 175 😱). We actually went to that store for my boyfriend but I walked in, saw the sweater and fell in love! When I saw the sweater was on sale I really had to force myself not to do a happy dance. My happiness did not last very long because it was the last one and it was a size S (I am more a medium type of girl). Nevertheless I decided it was worth giving it a try and to my own big surprise it was PER-FECT! Sooooo my last advice for today … if you are really in love with an item but it is not “your size” just try it on… it might just be your lucky day…


I am quite curious what your shopping secrets are… Leave them in the comments! I am looking forward to learning new shopping tricks!
XoXo Kylie

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