How I Styled my sales items!

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So as you guys could read in one of my previous blog posts, I did some awesome deals while shopping the last days of the sales period. And I could not resist making a blog post about the outfits I styled with the items I scored.

The first outfit I am wearing is my “fluffy meets fishnet” one. All the items you can see on the picture are bought in sales except for my Malifisent purse and the Ray Ban glasses!

As most of you probably already know, it is a huge trend to wear fishnet panty’s at the moment. I combined my fishnets with my ripped boyfriend jeans from H&M. And to make the outfit a little bit girly I combined it with my fluffy, pink Pola Paradis sweater. Me personally, I am totally in LOVE with this outfit!

Sweater: Pola Paradis (€ 52,5 in sale)

Jeans: H&M (€7 in sale)

Shoes: from a small store in the abdijstraat in Antwerp (€ 10 in sale)

Fishnet Panty’s: Even&Odd (€9,95 for 2 pairs)


As a second outfit I chose for a more alternative style. The sweater I am wearing is a long sweater with a tulle skirt attached to it and really gives you an instant Sunday feeling. It is super comfortable but the skirt and the glitter attached to it make it a little more fancy than an ordinary “Sunday Chill day sweater”. I combined this with my new furry jeans vest that has some awesome “graffiti” drawings on the back. The faux leather pants and the shoes are not items I bought in sale, but I did do an amazing deal with the sneakers, since I bought them on the kids division for half the price of the adult version! The BFF purse really makes my outfit complete and gives a playful touch to the whole outfit!

Sweater: Zara (€9,99 on sale)

Jeans Vest: Zara (€19,99 on sale)

Purse: Even&Odd (€5,85 on sale)

Faux leather legging: Primark

Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith



I am very curious to what you guys think of the outfits, so please leave a comment below!

XoXo Kylie

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