Those who follow me on Instagram already know I have discovered and tried two new makeup brands a few weeks ago. I finally found the time to write my first review and this one will be about Wycon Cosmetics.


When I entered their store in Antwerp a lovely young lady welcomed me and said to holla at her if I would have any questions. After wandering around the shop for 10 mins and checking out all the products it was time to ask for some professional help. I was looking for a mascara and eye pencil and wanted to be sure I bought the good stuff (waterproof all the way!). After explaining my problem with eye makeup to the person in charge, Sanne, she immediately knew what I was looking for. My biggest problem with eye pencils in the past was that they never stayed fixed the way I wanted them to. And if I did not do a mirror check every hour chances where big I looked like a panda bear.

I did not even get the chance to explain my problem in details because Sanne already knew what my problem was and immediately offered me a solution: Wycon Long Lasting Eye Liner

She even took the time to prove to me why this product was going to be my savior! She drew a line on her hand with the eye pencil and let it dry for about 30 seconds. Then she started rubbing her fingers over the drawn line and OH MY GOD nothing changed! It did not look smudged at all! Everything just stayed in place as it should be!!! I fell in love immediately and decided to take the colors ‘Black” and “Strong Coffee” home with me. Strong coffee is the dark brown variant I wear when I go to work, because it is a little more subtle than the all black one. And I haven’t told you the best news yet… they only cost € 5,50 per pencil! Ever since I bought these pencils I said goodbye to the Panda Bear look, together with my old pencil!

Next on my list was my a new mascara, since I hardly have any eyelashes I was really looking for a dramatic mascara that I could use without needing an eyelash curler every day.  Sanne told me she had tried all the Wycon mascara’s when she started working there and her personal favorite was the Naughty Warrior Volume one. This mascara has a rubber brush which makes it super easy to apply, even on the small lashes at the edges. I have been wearing this mascara for 3 weeks now and I am totally addicted! This is the ONE! And yet again I have some great news for you guys… This mascara only costs € 9,90! What a bargain for great lashes isn’t it?!


While Sanne was helping me, I could not resist staring at her bright red lips. And I couldn’t help but ask which colour she was wearing. It appeared to be the Cosmo Samourai Duo Kisses Lip Kit in the colour Red Orgasm. This lip kit contains a Liquid lipstick and a lip pencil. If I would have to choose a name for this kit it would be “Burlesque Red” because of the sexy bright red color that makes it impossible not to stare! According to Sanne this kit is limited edition and will go out of the collection soon! So if you are looking for a sexy red lip color that stays on for hours without needing a touch up for only € 12,90 go buy one now! Or you will be crying later!


Buying the lipstick was not part of my mission when entering the Wycon store, but I just couldn’t resist the color! Another item I was not planning on buying was blush, but yet again the color just made me fall in love in an instant! The  Baked Blush (101 Pink) just really gave me a happy feeling just watching it. So I had to buy it (only €9,90). Normally I never wear blush that has a pink glow, because naturally I have very red cheeks and all the colors that contain even a small bit of red pigments bring out my natural red look back from under my foundation. But this one was just too darn cute! And I have to say it became one of my favorite blushes to wear and for the first time in AGES I am not bothered that my natural red gloss resurfaces!

I also bought a Cheek Brush for € 11,90  to go with the blush because I really wanted to try the Wycon brushes and I wanted a separate brush for this color so it would not mingle with my other blushes.This brush just does what it is supposed to do. It is not a bad brush but it also did not give me a WAAAUW feeling. But hey, if it does the what it is supposed to do you don’t hear me complaining!

So this was all about my first experience with Wycon cosmetics, next beauty blogpost will be all about my experiences with NYX products. Since I love discovering new make-up brands I am curious to know all about your favorite beauty brands in the comments below!

XoXo Kylie


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