To be quite honest I am nowhere near an expert when it comes to skin care. To be even more honest caring for my skin has never been a priority to me in the past. I am not a morning person and my morning routine used to be: rolling out of bed, getting dressed, brushing my teeth and combing my hair as fast as possible. If getting ready in the morning  as fast as possible (on a work day) would be an Olympic sport, I would DEFINATLY be a fierce competitor for the golden medal! But since a few weeks things are starting to change. Apparently it took me 27 years (yes I am really that old), to understand that taking care of your skin in the morning is as important as brushing your teeth.

What I personally hate most about my skin is the fact that it is always very red. I have had this redness for as long as I can remember, especially my cheeks are horrible. After doing some research I discovered that part of the redness could be because of the dryness of my skin. I decided to change my morning routine and hydrate my skin better to see if this would solve my problem. After doing some research I came across the L’Oréal skin perfection products and decided to give them a go.


I bought the Correcting Serum, 5-in1 BB Cream, Anti-Fatigue Day Cream and the Anti-Fatique Eye Cream. After doing yet a again some research I discovered that you can combine BB cream with your day cream or use them separately. Since I want to get the maximum out of these products I decided to combine them.

My new morning routine consists of waking up 15 minutes earlier so I can take the time to give my skin the care it deserves. I first wash my face with a washing gel (which opens your pores apparently) and after that I use a tonic (which is claimed to close the pores). After the tonic it’s time to put the serum on my skin, the serum works with a small pump which gives you the right amount of product to apply on your face and neck. While I give the serum some time to “dry” I brush my teeth. Now it is time to put on the Anti-Fatigue creams (eye and face) and comb my hair while I let the cream do all the work! As a last step I apply the BB cream. For applying this cream I use my stippling brush to make sure I don’t forget a spot.

Another thing I added to these routine is a vitamin cure. As I told you guys in a previous post my hair is in a very bad condition due to using too much bleaching products. When wandering around the store “kruidvat” I discovered Skin – Hair – Nails vitamins and decided to give them a go too! While I do not really feel anything different in my hair, I have to admit they are really doing a good job for my nails. My nails are growing sooooo fast ever since I have started taking these vitamins.

I have to admit that I am still getting used to this new routine. But after only 4 weeks of using these products and vitamins I have to be honest with you guys, I do really feel and see the difference. My skin is softer, less red (but still red  🙂 ) and feels very hydrated. I even had my monthly period during this test and to my own surprise I did not have any acne at all this time. While normally during my period I really have bad acne for 5-6 days.

I hope I will be able to keep up with this new routine, because we all know old habits die hard. But for now the results are sooooo great that I am even considering adapting my night time routine too. But I’ll need to do some research first! I am looking forward to learning more about skin care and beauty and sharing my experiences with you guys! And maybe one day I will be the one who people turn to for skin advice. But for now I am still in the learning fase and I won’t get out of this one for a long time I guess.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and I am very curious to know all about your morning routines, so leave a message in the comment section!

XoXo Kylie

  1. Anti Fatigue Eye Cream
  2. Correcting Serum
  3. Anti-Fatigue Day Cream
  4. BB Cream

5 Replies to “My new morning routine”

  1. Something for redness that I’ve just started trying is the NYX Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer (Anti-Redness) for under my foundation, and it has been working super well to reduce redness 🙂 I find it super similar to the Smashbox one but for a much better price and they’re also cruelty free which is awesome! 🙂 Hope I could help!


    1. Thanks for the tip. I was actually planning on buying that on 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately they were not in stock anymore and the sales lady at the NYX store told me to buy the COLOR CORRECTING LIQUID PRIMER (green) but I regret buying that one. I am not a huge fan of this one!

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      1. If I understood correctly it was just temporarily in that particular store so no need to panic 😃! I am glad though you told me yours really does a good job, because after the one I bought I was not really planning on buying primer at NYX anymore. But now I am convinced I will give it another try!

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