The one that (almost) got away

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A few weeks ago me and my boyfriend decided to go shopping in Roermond (NL). Nothing spectacular about that right? 🙂 ?! But for me it was the start of a crazy weekend. When in Roermond, I spotted a cute black backpack at the Guess store. After being in doubt, whether to buy the bag or not, for at least 2 hours I decided I wasn’t a backpack type of girl. I gave myself multiple different reasons why not to buy this bag and for once I was able to convince myself. For a while that was…

The second our car left Roermond I already regretted not buying the bag. My boyfriend saw the look on my face and even purposed driving back (we were only 5 mins away). But stubborn as I am, I was convinced that although I regretted not buying the bag, I would be able to live with that decision.

During the ride home the bag kept haunting me and later that evening we went to a party and even loads of great music and alcohol could not comfort me. After being wide awake all night thinking about the bag I decided it was worth the 130 km drive to get myself the bag and spare myself more sleepless nights. After being a smart ass and calling the store first, to make sure the bag was still in stock, I drove all the way back.

When I told my boyfriend later that night that I drove 3 hours just to buy a backpack he declared me CRAZY AF. But me? I was just living in my happy bubble with my backpack and couldn’t care less about how I crazy I looked!

The reason I am writing this story is mainly to remind myself that when in doubt I just have to buy it so I can save myself the ride afterwards. And of course I am SUPER CURIOUS to hear all about your most crazy shopping stories, leave it in the comment section!

XoXo Kylie


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