Discovering a new brand called Costes

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Some time ago a friend of mine was wearing a super cute outfit and when I asked her where she got it from she told me it was from a store called “Costes”. I had never heard of the store before so I decided I needed to go and check it out ASAP. Costes is a Dutch boutique style brand with stores all over the Netherlands. I decided to go and check out their store in Maastricht.

The first thing that crossed my mind when I entered the store was “where have you been all my life”. The Costes collections are mainly based on femininity and you can find outfits for all sorts of occasions. They also follow the latest trends but not all trends will appear in their collection, Costes is very good in picking out the trends that are in line with their audience. Details are very important for this brand and you can see that in the way your purchases are always wrapped in blotting paper and put in a paper bag with the quote “LOVE MY NEW ITEMS”.

I immediately fell in love with the awesome AD/DC band t-shirt I am wearing in the pictures below. The t-shirt has a nice fit and is not made of the warm and unshaped fabric most band t-shirts are made of. The gold letters really make your t-shirt stand out, while the drawings around them are quite subtle but they give just that extra touch to the whole.


Fortunately for me they still had a sales corner the day I was in the shop and I was able to score the awesome black plissé skirt for half the price. Not that Costes is an expensive brand, but we all love shopping sales items, right? I love this skirt so much that I would wear it every day if I could. You can mix and match it with so many different tops but my personal favorite is to match it with the AD/DC band shirt. In the pictures I completed the outfit with a studded jacket from Vero Moda and my all-time favorite H&M boots.


I am curious to know what you guys think of the outfit or maybe you can introduce me to some other interesting brands? Just leave a comment below!

XoXo Kylie

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