Outfit: Metallic with a touch of pink

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Hi sweeties,

I am totally excited to share this outfit with you guys! The instant I saw this sweater I was swept off my feet and I knew I had to have it. For me, combining the flared sleeve trend with a soft, fluffy and PINK border is a match made in heaven!

Unfortunately for me they did not have it in my size anymore. But no worries, Zara has multiple stores in Belgium so I decided to go to Antwerp to check if they still had my size. The first store in Antwerp did not have my size either, but they told me a store close by had one last Small in stock. I went there and got very disappointed as they could not seem to find the sweater. The saleslady told me to download the Zara app (why didn’t I think of that?) so I could check in the app where the sweater was still in stock. I called the Zara store in Sint-Niklaas and asked them to put the sweater aside. 3 stores and 60 km’s later I finally had my sweater. But then the next issue popped up. While checking the sweater I discovered that the neck was full of foundation stains but I decided to take the risk and buy it anyway. The saleslady told me I could wash the sweater and if the stains would not go out I could bring it back to any Zara store and get my money back. Fortunately for me the stains disappeared immediately after the first attempt!

Since I am also a huge fan of the metallic trend, I decided a pink/purple metallic skirt would match my sweater PERFECTLY. I have found this skirt in a small but super cute boutique in Wijnegem (only 3 mins from where I live whooohooow) called Lewis & Melly. This store was a real hidden treasure. I am living in Wijnegem for 4 years now and we all know the big shopping mall we have there, but this store is situated at the other side of Wijnegem and can’t be seen from the street side,. If I wouldn’t have found  them on Instagram I wouldn’t even know they exist. I drove by the location 3 times before I realised where I had to be, because they are located in the basement of a theatre and event location called “De Gistfabriek”. If you are into glitter, sequins and vibrant colours combined with the latest trends, you should definitely give them a visit!

My sneakers are bought at a store called Coton in Antwerp. And personally I really love the combination of the sneakers with metallic tip and the metallic skirt. I was not planning on wearing any stockings though, but when I choose this outfit to wear at the Influencer Night in the Antwerp fashion museum I just had a small fight with my bronzer and my legs looked horrible! So I had to find a solution and that gave me the idea to combine the whole with fishnet stockings. And when I saw the outfit I was actually glad I had the fight with my bronzer, because for me the fishnets bring just that little bit of extra to the whole.

What are your favourite trends of the moment? And what do you think of this outfit? Leave a comment!

XoXo, Kylie

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