Hi everyone!

First of all SORRY SORRY SORRY for being so absent the past few months, but I had a lot going on. Like for example, I started a new job in June. So you can imagine that I really needed to put my focus on this job and on proving my new employer they made the right choice hiring me! I also forgot that starting a new job is EXHAUSTING since you have to absorb all kinds of new information! The first weeks on this job I went to bed every freaking evening at 9 pm because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Luckily for me I finally found my new working routine, proved to my new employer that I am awesome (actually I hope I did…) and I am managing to keep my eyes open until 11:30 pm. VICTORY!

In the mean time I also went to Spain for 2 weeks, had a blast at Extrema Outdoor, Summerfestival, Ostend Beach and Tomorrowland, visited Ibiza for 4 days and did a last minute 2 day trip to London with the fabulous Evy from My Life On Sneakers to check out a concert of my FAVOURITE band The Script. I will share some pictures of these trips at the bottom of this post!

Also my boyfriend’s football season started again in August and he wasn’t home for 4 out of 7 nights the whole month. Which meant I was supposed to manage all the cleaning, cooking and taking care of our pets at home too. Some of you might already know that I have 2 pet parrots. One of them got very sick in august and refused to eat so I had to handfeed him for 3 weeks, kind of made me feel like I had a baby to feed 🙊🙈. Fortunately his medicines finally kicked in and he is eating on his own again.

So as you can see I had quite a busy schedule the past few months and I have loads of excuses as to why I haven’t been posting that often! But to be quite honest the busy schedule wasn’t the only thing keeping me from writing. I just had so many responsibilities and things that had to be done, so many people relying on me and I was still recovering from a burn-out which made that I just couldn’t bare the extra pressure of having to write blogs too. The few hours of me-time I had were reserved for taking naps, watching some mind-numbing shows and of course SHOPPING. Because even in the most hectic schedule ever, I ALWAYS find time to shop!

But now I am finally back, things are going great on the new job, I really made the right decision to come and work here! No more stress on the job also means BYE BYE Burn out (FINALLY!!!). My boyfriend is home more often so our household is back to normal, festival and vacation season is over and I have LOADS of looks and outfits to share with you guys!

There will be a new outfit post SOON, keep an eye on this page!

Happy to be back!

XoXo Kylie

Ps: don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @onceuponapinkflamingo

Festival Shots:


Holiday in Spain:




London Calling:

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