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Sippin’ Sundays in Antwerp

Past Sunday me and my friend Maxine went to Antwerp to wander around the Swan Market, drink some coffee at Glow and shoot my new FAVOURITE dress! I bought this dress while I was in London with Evy (see previous post) but it can easily become yours too, because I bought it at Zara!

I immediately fell in love the second I laid my eyes on this dress, I love the way it’s playful but stylish all in one. The stripes really give the whole an extra touch.


As you can see I combined the dress with my soft pink trenchcoat from Primark, my black Primark purse and my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. Casual but classy, the ideal outfit to wander around a market and sip some coffee on a Sunday afternoon.


For my lips I used my MAC retro matte liquid lip colour in the shade “High Drama”. I am absolutely thrilled about these Liquid lip colours from MAC, you can eat or drink just about anything and it always stays in place!

To finish the look I decided to wear my fake reversed aviator glasses which I bought at the swan market right before we started shooting, so this was a last minute detail I added to the look.

After wandering around at the market and shooting this outfit I was in desperate need of some caffeine so we decided to treat ourselves with a coffee at Glow and I couldn’t resist to pose with the awesome ice coffee they served me!


Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did!

Curious to read your comments on the outfit!

XoXo Kylie

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