A few weeks ago I received a package with Urtekram products! I had never heard of the brand before but I immediately fell in love with the packaging of the products. And couldn’t wait to test the Body scrub, day cream and cleansing lotion they sent me. But before I started testing the products I wanted to know more about the brand first, so I decided to do my homework!

Urtekram is the largest Scandinavian organic wholesaler and has its main office in Denmark. Their products are sold in more than 36 countries and in Belgium you can find them at the Carrefour stores.

The first product I tested was the Rose Body Scrub. With ingredients like Himalaya salt, jojoba oil, broccoli seed oil and rose flower extracts this products has a 100 % natural origin and is certified by the Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standards. Also it is vegan and not tested on animals! When opening the jar I was immediately overwhelmed with the smell of roses. The scrub itself is not too hard for your skin, and does not leave you with a red skin after using it. Combined with a good body lotion this scrub is now my new favourite and my skin feels softer than ever!

For the past few weeks I have also been using the Nordic Birch cleansing lotion and day cream and I have to admit that my skin looks fabulous! To be honest, I was a bit sceptical when applying the day cream because of the substance.  I am used to using a very light day cream and this cream was a bit more “heavy” and it felt like I was putting on sunscreen meant for kids. But after a few seconds the product really draws into your skin and you can feel your skin being hydrated. Also I have a very sensitive and red skin so the anti-inflammatory effect of this day cream is a HUGE plus!

The cleansing lotion does what it promises to do, which is not only remove impurities from your skin but also give something in return. The almond, olive and jojoba oil really moisture your skin, which is awesome if you have dry skin like me! I am pleasantly surprised with the condition of my skin after using these products for a awhile. My skin is less read, feels hydrated and I have a healthy glow! Just what I needed!

Both the day cream and the cleansing lotion are also 100% natural like the body scrub and have the Ecocert Greenlife certification to.

I am pleased to have tested these products and I will continue using them after this experiment!

If you would have any questions about the products, my experience with them, or where to buy them don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

XoXo Kylie

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