A stranger called Emma in my Bed

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Do you know that feeling when you go on holiday and everything seems to be just perfect until it’s time for your first night? And you just can’t seem to find the right position to sleep in? Sounds familiar right?!

I have the same problem every single time I sleep in a strange bed. I just can’t seem to adapt to new matrasses very well. So when I decided it was time for a new mattress at home I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t have countless sleeping nights just to adapt to this new stranger in my bed.

While doing my research I came across the Emma Matras and saw it was listed as  “best mattress” by Test-Aankoop. So I got curious! While scrolling trough their site I discovered they have a 100 day test policy and I decided to go for it!  If I wasn’t convinced after 100 days I could just send the mattress back and I’d get my money back.

So a few weeks ago my new Emma mattress finally arrived and after bossing my boyfriend around to put everything in place it was time for the first night with a stranger in my bed, a stranger called Emma.


To be quite honest, I was actually quite anxious for the first nights, I really thought I was going to need at least a week to adapt to this new mattress. But to my own surprise I didn’t need to adapt at all! Ever since the first night me and Emma are not strangers anymore, we became close friends. It I like she can sense exactly what your body needs for a good night rest. If there is one thing I am sure about, that is that I won’t be needing 100 days to decide whether to keep Emma in our bedroom.


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